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ENDYMED is an effective radiofrequency treatment that can offer aesthetic solutions for a variety of areas on the face, neck and body.

ENDYMED have various devices that are suitable for improving the condition of the skin by tightening, contouring, RF microneedling and fractional resurfacing.ENDYMED Tighten is specifically designed to address the cheeks, neck, jowls and the area around the eyes. RF energy is delivered deep into the layers of the skin, stimulating the collagen fibres for an effect that is firmer, tighter and more elevated. New collagen is also produced and a healthy glow is revealed.

The FSR (Fractional Skin Resurfacing) device works deeper in the skin’s layers, triggering a healing response that works to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, minor scarring and stretch marks. This device uses dermal heating and micro-resurfacing to increase levels of collagen and produce smoother, firmer skin.

ENDYMED Intensif aims to reshape the underlying structure of the skin through a technique that applies microneedling and targeted radiofrequency energy. It’s clinically proven to deliver natural, long-lasting results in rejuvenation, skin laxity and restoring the skin’s vitality and radiance. It truly treats every aspect of facial rejuvenation. ENDYMED Intensif improves deep lines, encourages collagen stimulation and cellular rejuvenation, in turn helping to improve the skin’s tone. A natural healing response from gently heating the tissues revives a healthy condition from the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

A great anti-ageing treatment, ENDYMED helps to address a variety of common conditions, including: lines and wrinkles, sagging, dull, rough, sun damaged skin and acne scarring  A comprehensive consultation at R and R Aesthetics will enable your expert practitioner to recommend the best approach to treat your individual concerns. With no downtime and minimal discomfort, a suitable procedure with an ENDYMED device can produce smoother, firmer skin, that looks younger and more radiant.

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Your expert aesthetician will be able to determine your suitability through a thorough assessment, carried out at a pre-treatment consultation. It is found that most people are suitable for Endymed treatments. However, if you are pregnant or have metal work in the
face (from surgical restoration or with fixed braces on the teeth), this treatment may not be advised.

The ENDYMED brand is well established on the aesthetics market, with a high safety rating. Their devices are FDA approved and only a suitably trained professional at R and R Aesthetics will administer the treatment.

Skin reconditioning and remodelling with an ENDYMED device is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure. The technologies that ENDYMED uses make the treatment a generally comfortable  and relaxing experience. Your expert practitioner will explain the procedure in full before treatment takes place.

Some side effects that may be experienced after the procedure can include swelling and skin redness at the treatment site. Although this can depend on the individual’s response to the treatment and may not affect every patient, this is a normal response. Any effects of this nature usually subside within a few hours. Following ENDYMED FSR patents will experience 3-5 days downtime whist their skin heals.


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