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R&R Aesthetics combine their high standards in patient care with the high grade products made by AlumierMD. With their range of chemical peels, our expert practitioners at R&R can help to resurface the skin and encourage healthy properties to be restored.

Each AlumierMD chemical peel contains a unique combination of ingredients, aimed at improving common skin conditions associated with Pigmentation and ageing. 

The luxurious treatments can tighten and brighten the skin through the application of the peel, followed by a soothing serum, locking in purifying components to unveil an appearance that is vibrant and soft. 

AlumierMD’s Chemical peel range includes Vitamin A boost, Radiant 20/10, Radiant 30, Glow Peel and Enzyme treatments are all aimed at resurfacing the skin. Mainly using Lactic acid and Salicylic acid, these peels will exfoliate the skin, boosting cell renewal and triggering collagen production, undergoing one of these treatments will create a more even tone to the skin as well as helping to add moisture, restoring the skin’s hydrating properties. 

Detox clear and Refining Clay treatment are more focused on achieving a higher level of exfoliation, removing congestion and purifying the skin. Conditions such as acne and oily skin benefit from these two chemical peels, reducing the appearance of blemishes while penetrating deep into the pores. 

Our express Medi-Facial gives you clear glowing, nourished skin when you are short on time. Depending on your skin type we will use a combination of deeply nourishing masks to give the skin a boost and a brightening serum to enhance your results.

For the ultimate relaxation and glow, choose our R&R Signature luxury facial. Designed to relax your body and mind and nourish your skin. Includes, steam, cleanse, chemical exfoliation, Jelly mask, nourishing serums, LED lights to stimulate collagen or fight acne and a face, scalp and neck massage to soothe and relax. This facial will be tailored to your skin type.

When you visit R&R Aesthetics your expert practitioner can recommend the best AlumierMD chemical peel or facial treatment for you.

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