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Why choose IPL Laser? The skin on the face or body can be affected by many different irregularities, including: birthmarks, pigmentation, acne, broken capillaries, spider veins, age spots / sun spots, sun damage, scarring, rosacea, freckles and lines and wrinkles. Depending on the concern, it can be present from birth (such as a birthmark) or may develop as a person progresses through life. Patients who come to R&R Aesthetics with visible imperfections on the surface of the skin, will often find these blemishes are causing an aesthetic concern that disrupts the complexion’s even tone. 

R&R Aesthetics uses the IPL Laser skin rejuvenation treatment as a solution to help remove the appearance of a skin irregularity, and restore not just an even tone, but also a person’s confidence. The procedure involves the application of intense pulses of light directly onto the affected area. When the laser penetrates the targeted concern, the light energy turns to heat which helps to break down the unwanted cells. They will then slowly become absorbed into the body and will cease to exist. The laser is designed to safely and effectively address unwanted blemishes without any pain or downtime, and without irritating the surrounding skin and tissues. 

The results of IPL Laser skin rejuvenation can vary, depending on the type of concern and its severity. At R&R, a course of treatments may be required, and the procedure is carried out by our trained and experienced practitioners who take an individual approach to every patient’s concerns. It is our priority to ensure each treatment is recommended with the patient’s best interests at heart, putting together a personal treatment plan that aims to achieve the patient’s end result, safely and successfully.

We are pleased to offer a complete Acne attack package using our IPL Laser. We combine a course of peels, Dermalux LED light therapy and IPL treatment with AlumierMD homecare for the ultimate attack on active acne.


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IPL skin rejuvenation will help those who are affected by the appearance of thread veins, acne, pigmentation, birthmarks, broken capillaries, age spots or sun damage. Your overall health and medical history will be assessed during your pre-treatment consultation, which will help to determine your suitability. If you are under 18, are pregnant, breastfeeding or possess any other contraindications to this treatment, then you may not be recommended. 

The IPL device will have a built-in block on the laser, which filters the UV radiation to below 500 nm – a safe level for the body to receive. Our highly trained practitioners ensure the patient is carefully monitored throughout the procedure. 

IPL skin rejuvenation is very comfortable, and most patients do not experience significant pain or discomfort. In some cases the sensation of the laser can feel similar to that of an elastic band snapping on the skin.

Following the treatment, you may find the treated area becomes slightly red and swollen. This will often disappear within 24 hours, but the skin may continue to be sensitive for a day or two longer. You will need to avoid exposure to the sun following your treatment.

You should be comfortable enough to leave the clinic immediately after treatment, and continue with your day. 


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