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Polynucleotide Training at R&R Aesthetics in Leeds

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Polynucleotide training in Leeds

This Thursday R&R Aesthetics hosted our first Polynucleotide Training Day.

We welcomed 2 trainees into clinic to learn all about the science behind Polynucleotides and to show them how to correctly administer the treatment.

Caroline Hall, owner of R&R Aesthetics and trainer for Dermafocus led the training day which started with a presentation where she shared her knowledge about Dermafocus and their Polynucleotide products. She also explained the correct process of how to inject this groundbreaking new regenerative skin treatment.

Polynucleotides training course Leeds

After the theory, Caroline demonstrated on a model the different techniques that can be used to inject the products which include Plinest, Newest and Plenhyage XL. She showed the trainees the difference between using a cannula or a needle, and the pros and cons of each method.

After lunch the trainees were each able to put into practice what they had learnt by injecting models with the products.

Learn how to inject polynucleotides Leeds

Polynucleotide Training Benefits

There are many benefits to having the Polynucleotide training. We are seeing fantastic results in clinic from this treatment and it is great to have this additional service to offer to patients.

Polynucleotides can be used alongside other more familiar injectables, such as fillers and skin boosters, to give patients more dramatic results. This treatment is still relatively new, so it’s a good additional skill for those who want to get ahead of the curve and start offering regenerative treatments.

polynucleotide training before and after
Photos courtesy of Dr I. Nataloni (Italy)

Book Polynucleotide Training in Leeds

If you are a medical aesthetics professional, and you are wanting to learn about Polynucleotides, we are running our next course on October 12th in Garforth, Leeds. For more information or to book please follow this link

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