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At R&R Aesthetics we are able to remove benign skin lesions with CryoPen. We can remove skin lesions such as Skin Tags, Warts, Benign Moles, Age Spots, pigmentation Verruca’s and Cherry Angioma using Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy involves the use of liquified nitrous oxide to destroy unwanted tissue in a controlled manner. The precise application of Cryopen means it does not destroy healthy tissue and is safe for use on the face including the eye area. Cryopen treatment is quick with minimal discomfort, and most lesions can be permanently removed in just one session. Larger and more complex lesions may require follow up appointments. Downtime is not required though the lesion treated will likely blister and scab following the procedure, therefore you may wish to schedule your appointment away from any important events. 

Please note that R&R Aesthetics require confirmation in writing from your GP to establish that any moles are benign prior to removal. 

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If you have a benign lesion that you would like removing for cosmetic reasons you may be suitable for Cryotherapy. Consult a medical professional prior to treatment if you suffer with: impaired sensation or circulation, superficial nerves, open wounds, hypersensitivity to cold or cardiac disease. Any moles treated must be assessed by a GP prior to attending your appointment. This treatment is unsuitable in pregnancy. 

Yes. Cryotherapy is a controlled treatment that targets only the affected area avoiding healthy tissues. We use an FDA approved device and our practitioners are medically trained. We will not treat any suspicious lesions without prior approval from a GP.

Most patients will experience only minimal discomfort during this quick procedure. Some patients may experience mild stinging immediately following treatment. 

A blister or scab may form following treatment. Cryotherapy is a relatively low risk procedure though some side effects may occur including changes to skin colour particularly on darker skins and hair removal if the lesion is situated in an area with hair. Damage to nerves is possible in certain areas, however this is rare and should rectify over time. 

There is no down time with Cryotherapy and you may resume your normal activities immediately. However, please be mindful that the area treated can appear a little unsightly and may scab or blister. Therefore, you may wish to schedule your appointment away from any important events.   


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