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A procedure that can effectively improve the health of the skin and deliver a more youthful appearance, Wow Fusion is a cutting-edge treatment that is fast growing in popularity.

Using a custom-made combination of skin care serums, this treatment can be completely tailored to suit your individual skin type and deliver results that are truly your own.
Your bespoke serum is created in a small glass bottle that is then delivered into the skin via an innovative needling device, made up of 20 extremely fine needles coated in 24 carat gold. The delicacy of the needle size – only 3mm in diameter – helps to ensure minimal discomfort is experienced, as well as dramatically reducing the visible effects from a procedure such as this.

The serum is allowed to flow effectively into the skin by way of a spiral groove that is etched into the end of each needle.
Aimed at improving the overall health of the skin, this treatment can successfully enhance the texture and tone of the face by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin to provide a more youthful look, as well as increasing the skin’s hydration to create a renewed freshness that can brighten your appearance. Caroline will discuss your individual conditions and concerns at a pre-treatment consultation, and as an experienced practitioner, she will work with your personal expectations to deliver the best possible outcome for you.

Wow Fusion is a great treatment that works in line with the ethics that R and R Aesthetics stand by; using a considered approach to produce bespoke results that create a naturally enhanced version of you.

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A suitable candidate for Wow Fusion is someone who is looking to improve the overall health of their skin and create a more youthful appearance. It uses your own skin type to put together the right serum combination, making it totally suitable for most people.

As this treatment uses a tailored serum combination that is uniquely suited to you, it is considered to be very safe. 

R and R Aesthetics take the welfare of their patients into serious account and always conduct a pre-treatment assessment before the procedure is agreed.

The Wow Fusion micro-needling device uses very fine needles, enabling minimal discomfort. A numbing cream can be requested for applications before the treatment, if you desire.

Due to the unique serum combination that is created and applied, Wow Fusion produces very little risk of developing adverse side effects. There may be some slight bumps at the site of application, but this will settle within a few days and can always be concealed with make up if necessary. A pre-treatment assessment and consultation will address any issues or concerns you have.

This innovation in micro-needling has been designed and improved upon to minimise the downtime that such a treatment could ensue. As the comfort and physical effects have been considerably reduced within this treatment, you can expect minimal downtime, causing no disruption to  your mobility or ability to carry on with your day.


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