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There are many methods that a person can adopt, when trying to lose weight. In some cases a person will feel they are doing all the right things with little effect. This is where a medical weight loss treatment at R&R Aesthetics can help. 

Our prescription-only weight loss medication is designed to support the efforts of healthy eating and regular exercise when it comes to reducing fat and reaching your ideal weight. 

We use Ozempic and Saxenda – medication that works in a similar way to the hormone GLP-1 (which is naturally produced by the body). This helps to regulate your appetite, making your body feel fuller for longer so you naturally eat less and consume fewer calories. 

Medical weight loss treatments can be self-administered at home through the use of a daily pre-filled injection, or ‘skinny pen’. Following a thorough consultation, your practitioner will ensure you are prescribed the right dosage. They will provide guidance on how to administer the injections, and on which part of the body it should be used. 

Regular use can achieve a noticeable reduction in the shape and size of areas such as the stomach, upper arms or thighs. Before being widely used as a weight loss solution, these medications have been successful in improving diabetes. As well as suppressing hunger and slowing down the rate at which the body empties itself, these treatments work to increase the production of insulin. 

At your consultation your expert practitioner will consider your general health, medical history, weight and BMI before deciding if a medical weight loss treatment is suitable for you. Each case will need to be viewed individually, as different people have different goals, and not everyone responds to the same method in the same way. 

Ozempic or Saxenda can assist in helping you to make positive changes to your lifestyle. Maintaining these changes can ensure the outcome will last for a long time. We also offer body treatments such as ENDYMED BODY CONTOURING to help tighten skin during the weight loss process.

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This type of medical intervention is aimed at helping a person to make positive lifestyle changes for people who are overweight or obese. A typical patient has a BMI of 27 or over, and has spent a significant amount of time trying to lose weight and get in better shape. Your suitability will be discussed at your consultation, however if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you may not be recommended.

Ozempic and Saxenda are medically approved.  As this is a prescription-only medication you will need to ensure you follow your practitioners directions, and always contact the clinic if you have any concerns.  

The injection pen contains a fine needle that produces a sensation similar to a scratch, when administered. This feeling is usually very minor and only lasts as long as the injection itself. For your comfort, you can talk to your practitioner about an effective numbing cream if this is preferred. 

Side effects will be discussed at consultation. It is not unusual for patients to experience some nausea, vomiting or changes to bowel movements at the start of treatment. Your practitioner may decide to begin with a lower dosage of the medication while your body adjusts. 

This treatment should ideally be administered at the same time everyday. This can be managed to fit in with your usual daily routine so that it wouldn’t cause you any disruption. 


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