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R&R Aesthetics is a clinic that puts the needs of the patient at the heart of everything we do. Our approach is one that is caring and compassionate, and handles each case individually. With a multitude of treatment options available that can improve a wide range of conditions for the face, skin and body, we construct customised treatment plans and adapt our procedures in order to achieve a truly bespoke result. 

Keeping up to date with an industry that is rapidly growing and that continues to evolve, we are also keen to keep moving. We recognise that to maintain an excellent provision means getting on board with new and innovative treatments, ensuring that our clinic is able to offer our patients the latest in treatment techniques and up-to-date technologies.

These qualities can be shared with the makers of the M22 Stellar, Lumenis, and they are part of the reason why we include this 6th generation device within our menu of treatments – the other (and most important) part being that our patients can benefit greatly. 

The M22 Stellar is a modular, multi-application platform which can safely and effectively treat over 30 commonly experienced conditions. Just like the service we provide, the device is easily adapted to suit the concerns it is aimed at addressing, and there are a range of tools and hand pieces available for use on the different areas of the face and body. 

Taking into account how the world of aesthetics is ever-changing, the M22 Stellar can grow and change with the clinic. The team at R&R listens to the needs of our patients and considers carefully which treatments are in their best interests. With this in mind, having this machine available at the clinic means we are able to introduce different modules as and when it is necessary, meaning we can offer a wide range of solutions all from one platform.

The success of the original M22 has initiated the development of the M22 Stellar, upgrading its technologies to set new standards in skin rejuvenation. Raising the bar on the then ‘gold-standard’ model, the versatility, comfort, speed and reliability has been updated in this version, for superior results that are visibly undeniable. As an IPL device that has the most  peer reviewed papers than any other device on the market, R&R currently chooses to use the ResurFX and Universal IPL modules. These adaptations suit the needs of our patients and can safely and effectively improve a range of previously untreatable conditions, including: spider veins, broken capillaries, rosacea, melasma, acne, minor scarring, pigmentation, birthmarks, freckles, sun damage, age spots, lines and wrinkles and lax skin. Our process requires each patient to attend a pre-treatment consultation so our experts can assess the concerns in depth, consider what outcome can be achieved and ensure that the right procedure is advised. Each treatment that the M22 laser can provide can be tailored to the patient, and produces a clinically proven result that is completely unique to the individual. 

Starting your journey to incredible skin couldn’t be easier, so contact R&R today!

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