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R&R Aesthetics are introducing an exclusive plan of treatments into their menu – Skin Subscription. The Skin Subscription is a year long, tailored skincare and treatment plan to give you the best skin of your life!

For a variety of the procedures that R&R offer, it is recommended that regular treatments and homecare will ensure that the maximum outcome is achieved for a longer term. Conditions such as Rosacea, Acne, Pigmentation and Ageing are often long term concerns that see a reduction in appearance through a regular routine of careful skin care and aesthetic treatments. The aim of these procedures is to reduce their visibility and improve the skin’s health, but treatment is likely to need ongoing attention to be kept under control.

By signing up to the Skin Subscription at R&R you can choose the right package for you, and enjoy the convenience of a skin care routine that is ‘ready to go’.

Skin Subscription has 3 packages available: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each package gives you money to spend on AlumierMD home care products suited to your skin type every 3 months, 4 complimentary facials and money off in clinic treatments.

Bronze £150 every 3 months, 4 facials, 5% off in clinic treatments.

Silver £200 every 3 months, 4 facials, 7.5% off in clinic treatments.

Gold £250 every 3 months, 4 facials, 10% off in clinic treatments.

Attending a thorough consultation will enable R&R’s expert practitioners to determine that the recommended series of month by month treatments will benefit you and achieve the outcomes that you desire.

The symptoms that develop through the conditions Rosacea, Acne, Pigmentation and Ageing can often be quite noticeable. This can cause the affected person to feel self-conscious with their appearance, especially if the severity of the condition is quite significant. A skin subscription gives the affected person reassurance through a conveniently thought out routine of procedures, performed at regular intervals. By reducing the noticeable signs of these conditions, a person can feel more at ease with their appearance with an increased level of confidence. 

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