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Bodyshock by Mesoestetic is a personalised topical silhouette contouring treatment comprising of both in clinic and home protocols, it can treat cellulite, localised fat, flaccidity and stretch marks.

Our expert therapists at R&R Aesthetics will tailor the treatment tailored to the needs of each patient with the aim of maximising results.  As such, treatment always starts with an in-clinic consultation using the exclusive diagnosis platform to provide a detailed treatment plan of ten in clinic sessions, plus continued product use at home.  

The Mesoestetic Bodyshock treatment combines Exfoliator Gel with a combination of AHAs to prepare the skin, followed by Active Solution to help the delivery of the active ingredients within the boosters. The next phase of the treatment is personalised to each client; choose from Lipactive Booster which decreases the number and size of fat cells, Firmactive Booster which restores skin elasticity, Drainactive Booster which decongests and stimulates microcirculation, Stretchactive Booster to reduce stretch marks and redensify skin, and Intensive Drops that reduce fat accumulation, inhibit the formation of new deposits and activate microcirculation.


The treatment is concluded with the application of Sculpting Mask which helps reduce volume and reshape the silhouette, or Tightening Mask which reduces fluid retention and boosts lipolysis. The effects can be intensified with the application of Intensifying Cream which has a firming results.


Products in the mesoestetic Bodyshock range for use at home include Bodyshock Intensive Mist, which has an intensive lipolytic effect that reduces the fat located in stubborn areas, like the belly and hips. The mist is especially effective when used before applying Bodyshock Celluxpert which prevents cellulite formation and weakens orange peel skin, Bodyshock Firm’up to treat flaccidity, and Bodyshock Essential Cream that helps to mitigate and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

The products use the latest formulation technology and contain advanced active ingredients to maximise efficiency making this a complete system with proven results. This treatment can also be combined with Endymed Body Contouring to maximise results. We also recommend a food diary and a regular exercise regime.


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At your consultation we will be able to ascertain your suitability for treatment, and treatment recommendations using the Bodyshock diagnosis platform.

Bodyshock is a safe and non-invasive treatment and comprises of topical treatment and specialist massage techniques. R&R Aesthetics experienced therapists have undertaken specialist training with Mesoestetic for this system. 

No. Bodyshock is a non-invasive treatment and is not painful, although some of the massage techniques may be relatively intense. Your expert practitioner will fully explain the procedure before treatment is carried out. 

You will need to have ten in clinic sessions of treatment, we recommend two sessions a week for five weeks. Depending on the need of the individual, the treatment can be continued and extended to a total of 20 sessions. The number of sessions would be determined in consultation, based on patient history and results of the first ten sessions. 


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