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iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial has been devised to gently resurface the skin through the application of a combination resurfacing masque comprising of sugarcane extracts, vitamin A & B3  along with other naturally occurring ingredients, to reduce or eradicate signs of ageing, like, fine lines and wrinkles. The application and neutralisation of the masque encourages cellular renewal which will smooth and soften the skin, resulting in a fantastically improved complexion, and brighter, clearer skin with no downtime, peeling or other negative side effects.

iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial is the ideal treatment for those looking to refine their complexion, while gently and naturally appearing to turn back the clock without any invasive procedures. It is for this reason, coupled with it’s instantly visible “glow” that the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial is a favourite with many celebrities, earning itself the title of the “Red Carpet Facial”.

We are also proud to bring you the iS Clinical Foaming Enzyme Facial, which is a deep cleansing treatment that will instantly polish your complexion through exfoliating the surface of the skin using bio active ingredients and an advanced combination of pharmaceutical grade serums. The result is beautiful, clear skin you can be proud of.

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Frequently asked questions

Fire and Ice is suitable for most skin types, although will need to be tailored for people suffering with extremely sensitive skin or rosacea.

This treatment is perfectly safe following a full skin assessment during consultation.

No. You may experience a feeling of heat during the treatment, but this is often described as soothing.

You may experience slight redness for a few hours post treatment.

None. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment, although you may want to wait for any redness to subside before applying make up.


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